Product Overview

Advanced Network and Security Services

Aviatrix Embraces and Extends Native Cloud Constructs

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Network & Security Services for the Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Simplify and Automate AWS Transit Networking

Add Aviatrix Controller for intelligent orchestration and control service.
  • Simple, fast deployment
  • Automated route propagation
  • Control network segmentation with connection policies
  • Single pane of glass visibility, logging and troubleshooting across multiple AWS accounts
  • Native support for AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) and Direct Connect (DX)

Create your Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone

Add Aviatrix Gateways for next generation transit services.
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud, high-performance hybrid-cloud – AWS, Azure, Google
  • Egress security and full-mesh encryption
  • Site-to-cloud and user-to-cloud VPN
  • Enhanced visibility, logging and troubleshooting across regions

Firewall Network Service

Add Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls for AWS.
  • Simple deployment, auto route propagation to firewalls
  • Advanced egress, IDS, IPS and ingress security
  • No trade-off between performance, scale or visibility
  • Simplified – no IPSec tunneling, no BGP, no SNAT

High-Performance Encryption Service

Add Aviatrix Scale-out Enterprise Encryption Service.
  • Secure full-mesh enterprise cloud backbone
  • Encryption with no performance degradation
  • Large enterprise value – large scale data transfers, DB replication, cloud migration, hybrid applications

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