Next-Gen Transit Hub


These articles were written prior to the availability of the AWS Transit Gateway; it assumes use of Aviatrix Gateways in each Spoke VPC. Looking for AWS Transit Gateway? See Transit Gateway Overview or AWS Transit Gateway Quick Reference Guide or Transit Gateway Orchestration Answers.

What is a Next-Generation Transit Hub and how is it different?
Key Concepts (3 min)

A global transit network is an AWS-sanctioned approach for facilitating communications from many Spoke VPCs to on-premise datacenter resources via a Transit Hub VPC.

What are my options for a Transit VPC?
Network Design (6 min)

If you have many VPCs that need connectivity, a hub-and-spoke topology can simplify your network with a reduced number of connections to manage.

How do I migrate from a vRouter based transit hub to a software-defined AWS Transit Hub?
How-To Guide (2 min)

Understand some of the differences between a vRouter based transit hub and a software-defined transit hub, with practical step-by-step instructions on how to migrate.

Why is the Aviatrix Global Transit solution a better choice over Cisco CSR?
Key Concepts (11 min)

Understand the operational differences in using a Cisco CSR vs Aviatrix as your AWS Global Transit Hub

How to test Aviatrix Transit VPC for AWS — without requiring a connection to your data center?
How-To Guide (15 min)

Learn how to create an AWS VPC that emulates a data center — allowing you to test a transit VPC without having to establish a connection to your on prem environment.

What are the best practices for maintaining and operating a Global Transit VPC?
How-To Guide (10 min)

Learn how to efficiently maintain and operate a transit VPC in AWS using troubleshooting, alerting and monitoring.