How to move workloads to the cloud for highly regulated companies?
Key Concepts (1 min)

For AWS environments, how can you secure data-in-motion while also designing in VPC segmentation?

Can Aviatrix provide access for client sites to on-premise SaaS services via AWS?
How-To Guide (10 min)

Some SaaS providers hosting services in an on-premises data center for their enterprise clients need to provide client access to the on premise service via the public cloud. This document describes how to do this with Aviatrix.

How can Aviatrix help support temporary cloud workloads?
Network Design (5 min)

Workload placement, whether in the public cloud or private cloud (DC) is a question faced by every enterprise cloud or application architect. Learn how Aviatrix can help.

How to load balance hybrid environments using AWS NLB and ALB with Aviatrix Cloud Gateway?
Network Design (4 min)

Customers can now choose to have load balancer targets that are spread between AWS VPCs and on premise data centers enable applications that are load balanced across a hybrid cloud.

How should I encrypt data-in-motion between my data center and the AWS Global Transit VPC?
Key Concepts (3 min)

An overview of the considerations for encryption including features available from AWS and features required from a 3rd party.

How to map RFC 1918 IP addresses to public IP spaces using Aviatrix?
How-To Guide (9 min)

Learn how to address IP addresss issues when connecting AWS VPCs that use RFC 1918 to on premise resources.

How to route floating IP addresses across multiple AWS AZs for NetApp Services?
Network Design (8 min)

A subnet cannot span more than one availability zone (AZ) in AWS. Because of this, the IP address assigned to an instance in one AZ cannot be reassigned to another instance in a different AZ.

How can cloud app providers use Aviatrix to connect with their customers?
Network Design (7 min)

Learn how to connect customer sites to hosted apps or services using a cloud-native approach that is simple, fast, and secure.

How do I resolve conflicts with data center IP and public cloud IP address ranges using Aviatrix?
How-To Guide (4 min)

Learn why IP address overlaps are a common occurrence accross hybrid cloud environments and how to use Aviatrix NAT for easy resolution

What should I understand about overcoming AWS and Azure networking limits?
Key Concepts (5 min)

Learn what the limits are for network resources in AWS and Azure and how Aviatrix helps overcome them.