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Businesses Securely Scale Out Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking

Service-oriented, distributed solution enables enterprises to easily scale cloud deployments across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions via AWS Marketplace.
Santa Clara, California, April 26, 2016

Cloud native networking pioneer Aviatrix Systems today announced Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking™ 2.0. The solution combines a software-defined network controller and software gateways to enable businesses using a combination of public, private and hybrid clouds to quickly and easily scale out virtual private clouds (VPCs) with VLAN-like segmentation of cloud instances and policy-based security. Aviatrix provisions, orchestrates and connects secure tunnels across regions, eliminating manual configuration and reducing administrative complexity of cloud-to-cloud, user-to-cloud and site-to-cloud connectivity.

Aviatrix customers in financial services, hospitality and consumer electronics have greatly reduced the time and resources required to provision, connect, and manage VPCs, increased security and gained visibility into their cloud deployments. “Aviatrix lets us deploy large, trans-regional clusters of peered VPCs in minutes instead of weeks, with complete confidence in our security posture and ongoing manageability,” said David Pippenger, senior operations engineer, GREE, a leading cloud games company. “Aviatrix lets us launch new games faster and more securely, improving performance and lowering costs by providing a networking substrate that we don’t need to focus on because it just works so well.”

“With rapid enterprise adoption of cloud computing, there is a need for logical segmentation in order to isolate services from each other so it is safe to connect cloud-based resources and services,” said Judith Hurwitz, president and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates. “I was impressed by the approach Aviatrix has taken to simplify networking across cloud services to enable secure access.”

Cloud Native Networking Software: Service-Oriented, Distributed Architecture for Simplified Scalability, Flexible Connectivity and End-to-End Network Security

Aviatrix cloud native software enables cloud operations teams to set up, securely connect and centrally manage their entire cloud network with just a few clicks, connecting users, sites and instances across regions and accounts. It consists of the Aviatrix web-portal-based controller, and one or more Aviatrix gateways deployed on the cloud or on-premises. The controller is the central point of configuration, orchestration, and monitoring for all functions and cloud services, while the gateway manages each VPC and performs encryption/decryption, packet forwarding, policy enforcements and logging capabilities. VLAN-like segmentation helps maximize application security by ensuring that each application is fully isolated and protected.

“At AWS Marketplace, we are always looking to offer innovative solutions that help our customers harness the power of the AWS Cloud and move their businesses forward for the benefit of their end users,” said Barry Russell, General Manager of Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Our customers want easy-to-use software like Aviatrix with streamlined purchase and deployment from AWS Marketplace. Aviatrix cloud native networking provides an added flexible layer of encryption to the already secure AWS Cloud.”

Aviatrix 2.0 offers the following benefits:

  • Encrypted Peering – Inter-region and inter-cloud encrypted peering lets enterprises use AWS and other cloud vendors for data replication, disaster recovery and high-availability.
  • Simplified hybrid deployments – Utilizing mixed layer 2 and layer 3 technology, enterprises can extend private LANs to public clouds within minutes, without additional hardware and any changes to existing network infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-class OpenVPN® for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud – OpenVPN® is the open source industry standard for secure remote access with the broadest range of devices. Built on OpenVPN®, Aviatrix 2.0 enables user profile-based access controls that dynamically enforce security policies at the network perimeter; Multi-factor authentication with Active Directory, Duo Security, Google or Okta. Geo-aware OpenVPN® access connects users to the nearest cloud region.
  • Cloud network visibility – Aviatrix 2.0 includes a centralized management console, user activity monitoring and routing diagnostics, as well as event logging to Elasticsearch, Sumo Logic and Splunk, and remote syslog server.
  • Expanded cloud platform support – Aviatrix Cloud Native Networking Software is now expanded to include Google Cloud, AWS GovCloud (US), Azure Resource Manager, and Azure China. Aviatrix 2.0 provides additional security by adding encryption over private, dedicated physical links such as Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect.
  • Multi-account support – Aviatrix simplifies the connectivity between multiple user accounts to enable enterprises to have cost controls and accountability.

“Cloud native networking is designed to make networking as dynamic and disposable as compute and storage. Using virtualized versions from traditional network equipment vendors in the cloud is not the answer,” said Sherry Wei, Aviatrix co-founder and CTO. “We are focused on removing constraints and limitations on network design for cloud architecture in order to empower enterprises to realize the full potential of the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid and regardless of VPC numbers or locations.”

General Availability

Aviatrix 2.0 will be generally available for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in June 2016. Companies interested in early access can register for the Early Access Program.

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is the leading provider of advanced networking and security services for the multi-cloud enterprise. Public cloud providers – such as AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle OCI – are becoming the physical infrastructure for enterprise IT. Aviatrix networking and security software services – born in the cloud, for the cloud – embrace and extend native public cloud constructs and infrastructure and provide the operational simplicity, security and performance required for enterprises moving to the cloud. Services include: advanced transit networking, network segmentation, next-generation firewall integration, smart SAML VPN and site-to-cloud VPN access, cloud to Internet egress filtering, high-performance encryption, and many more. Learn more at

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