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New to Transit Gateway? No problem, we’re here to lend you a hand. Don’t let staffing constraints impact your transformation to cloud. Our team will build the AWS, Azure and Google cloud networking use cases you need, and maintain it too.

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Our proven technology — deployed in hundreds of customers worldwide — is highly automated. We know how to efficiently apply the automation to your environment. This means you get experienced staff who have seen all the corner cases without paying exorbitant managed services prices.

Become an expert yourself, or not.

We’ll get you trained up to handle your cloud networking operations on your own. Or, you can rely on us to perform ongoing maintenance, configuration and troubleshooting..

No One Stands Behind Your Cloud Network like CloudSquad

We’ll architect a solution to meet your use case and actually deploy it for you.


We’ll understand your business and implement the policies you need on the network.


We’ll help you evaluate your security posture and implement best practice policies to minimize risk.


When you have additional use cases or add more VPCs, we’ll be there to Implement the required connectivity.


If a problem occurs or troubleshooting is required, we’ll be available 24 x 7.

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Aviatrix CloudSquad™ Service is what you need when:

  • You understand IP addressing but not clear how to deal with overlapping or conflicting addresses
  • You need to meet network uptime and availability SLAs for your team
  • You are struggling with provisioning IPSec tunnels to encrypt data-in-motion
  • You want better visibility, monitoring and status of your cloud network
  • You’ve been burned by public cloud limitations on route table entries, IP address filtering and others.
  • You are challenged dealing with Access Control Lists and/or Security Groups

CloudSquad provides the following:

  • Cloud Routing Design & Architecture to Meet Your Requirements
  • Trusted Linking between AWS account(s) and Aviatrix
  • Provisioning and Configuration of network use cases
  • Automate the network as code using Terraform or CloudFormation templates
  • Trouble ticket resolution and remediation
  • Networking status alerts, analytics and health reports
  • Compliance reporting (for Internet egress traffic)
  • Operational training & Dashboard Management

CloudSquad™ supports your single use case deployed in one cloud, or several use cases across a multicloud environment.

Begin quotationWe wanted to get our architecture design correct. Our new environment (with Aviatrix) now provides a centralized point of control making our user experience much simpler.End quotation

—Aaron Chu, Technical Operations Lead for SoFi