How It Works

The AVX Controller and Gateway provide an easy way to setup and manage all your cloud network use cases.

In a few minutes you can subscribe and start building cloud network connections with a browser-based, centralized Aviatrix Controller to easily build your use cases including transit network, VPC egress filtering, user VPN and more. With Aviatrix, you pay as you go and can include the charges on the same metered, usage-based monthly billing as your AWS bill.

The Aviatrix AVX Software-Defined Cloud Router establishes an abstraction layer between the public cloud provider’s networking primitives and the application to simplify the creation of logical cloud networks and services for hybrid connectivity, data security, multicloud connectivity, monitoring and troubleshooting. The solution consists of two components: Aviatrix Controller; and the Aviatrix Gateways, all of which are deployed in your VPCs or on-premises environment.

Aviatrix: How It Works

Deployment Summary

Marketplace AMI
Aviatrix Controller
Deployed in Your VPC
Controller Infrastructure Operations & Software Costs
Your Responsibility
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Transit Gateways and Aviatrix Gateways
Deployed in Your VPCs
Networking Use Case Solutions
All Use Cases Supported: Next-Gen Transit Hub, Egress Security, User VPN, Multicloud Peering, Encrypted Peering, Site to Cloud
Cloud Providers Supported
AWS, Azure, Google
API, Scriptable, via the Controller console