Aviatrix for OCI

Aviatrix Cloud Networking Solutions for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Aviatrix provides a portfolio of services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), in addition to AWS, GCP and Azure. Aviatrix software embraces native OCI cloud constructs and extends then with advanced network and security services to deliver simplicity, security and visibility for enterprises moving to the cloud.

Aviatrix Services Available in OCI

VCN Transit Networking

One of the most common challenges enterprises face in public cloud is creating and managing secure connections between their deployments in the cloud. Aviatrix transit network service simplifies setting up transit networking using a hub and spokes topology. Regardless of the deployment region or application architecture, Aviatrix multi-cloud transit capabilities enables scalable and seamless connectivity across deployments in any supported public cloud. Furthermore, network admins can leverage stateful firewall feature in Aviatrix controller to implement network segmentation and traffic engineering between any two networks.

Site-to-Cloud Connections

Connecting on-premises data centers to cloud deployments is a common use case among enterprises. This can be a dedicated high-bandwidth connection from an organization’s own data centers to the cloud or multiple broadband connections to partners and/or customers. Aviatrix offers both dedicated point-to-point VPN connections and point-to-multipoint connections. In a dedicated point-to-point connection, external connections have access to a single VCN. Point-to-multipoint connections leverage Aviatrix’s multi-cloud transit networking software, allowing external connections access to all or all VCNs connected to the transit network, managed by network segmentation connection policies.

Egress Filtering

Aviatrix’s secure egress service delivers a centrally managed, distributed egress filtering feature with FQDN white list control for internet-bound traffic from within any VCN. In public clouds, virtual instances are a logical hop away from accessing the public internet. Cloud based applications often require access to the Internet in order to download build packages, software updates, and more. Unrestricted access to the public Internet poses a major security risk. Access Control Lists or Security Groups are undesirable from both scale and complexity standpoint. Aviatrix gateways allow network engineers to apply Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) white lists to filter Internet bound traffic. By supporting wild card characters anywhere in the DNS names, the number of rules needed can be dramatically simplified.

User VPN

Independent of application location, DevOPs teams need access to resources that are deployed in public cloud infrastructure. Public cloud-based applications are often blocked off from external access for security and compliance reasons. Aviatrix gateways are deployed as a smart SAML user VPN service that offers secure, access control for authenticated users to VCN-based resources. Unique user access control profiles deliver granular control that defines each user’s role-based access control. Fined grained monitoring and logging provides additional security layers to satisfy regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements. A powerful solution that enables enterprises to implement least privilege principles and best practices.

Why Use Aviatrix for Multi-Cloud Networking

Consistent experience across different clouds

Aviatrix controller creates an abstraction layer on top of native cloud networking constructs to provide a common interface for orchestration and day-two operations in a single cloud, between multiple clouds, and for on-premises connections.

Ease of use and simplicity

Aviatrix controller automates and orchestrates otherwise complex, manual connectivity tasks that can be time consuming and cumbersome to manage.

Removes cloud limitations

Native networking constructs have limitations that can impede enterprise scale deployments. Aviatrix gateways extend native networking constructs to deliver advanced networking features which are formed from being embedded into but operating as an overly on top of cloud provider’s hyperscale infrastructure.

Better visibility

Native networking constructs often lack desired visibility and day-two operational tools enterprises require. Aviatrix controller addresses this challenge by maintaining complete knowledge of the entire multi-cloud network environment and aggregating crucial information about the state of the networking and security connections and configurations in one place, accessible through a REST API driven browser interface.

Born in the cloud for the cloud

Aviatrix software fully embraces and extends native cloud constructs. All Aviatrix services are built on native cloud infrastructure and operational foundations. Designed into the cloud, rather than from the data center onto the cloud, Aviatrix maintains the agility and speed enterprise customers expect from the cloud, while adding the operational visibility and advanced networking capabilities network engineers are missing in the cloud.

Try Aviatrix Now

You can try Aviatrix today by launching an Aviatrix controller directly from OCI marketplace in your tenancy in just a few minutes and configure it using the OCI onboarding guide. When the controller is launched, you will be able to easily explore and implement any of the use-cases to meet your needs.