AWS Bootcamps

Presented by our Solution Architects, AWS Bootcamps ditch the marketing spin and deliver fact-based advice and cloud networking best practices, often featuring a product walkthrough to demonstrate key points, followed by live Q&A.

Seven Criteria for Building an AWS Global Transit Network

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Global Transit Network design is critical to the success of your AWS deployment. This bootcamp covers seven criteria all good designs have in common.

Securing Your AWS Global Transit Network

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

When securing your Global Transit Network, are you asking the right questions? This bootcamp examines what AWS provides and what is left to you.

What You Need to Know About Operationalizing Your AWS Transit Hub

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Once you've designed and secured your Global Transit Network, are you done? Not yet. Bootcamp 3 examines the elements you need in place before you can hand responsibility for your transit hub over an IT operations team.

Three Innovations that Define a “Next-Generation Global Transit Hub”

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Learn how a software-defined approach can transform your AWS transit hub design from a legacy architecture exercise into a strategic infrastructure initiative that doesn’t require you to descend into the command-line interface and BGP of the IT networking world.

Secure Remote Access to AWS: Why OpenVPN & Jump Hosts Aren’t Enough

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

OpenVPN, Bastion hosts and jump hosts are popular solutions for remote access to AWS VPCs, but have security and management limitations. In Bootcamp 5 we review and demonstrate features for remote user access that is “enterprise cloud-ready.”

Securely Connecting Your Customers to Their Cloud-Hosted App, In Minutes

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Whether your cloud apps are multi-tenanted SaaS solutions or standalone instances hosted for individual customers, ensuring reliable and secure VPC connectivity poses a variety of challenges. Learn best practices for onboarding, on-going management, and security and compliance.

Security Requirements and Tradeoffs for Controlling VPC-to-Internet Egress Traffic

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

While VPCs/VNets need Internet access, the security needs differ from on-prem uses cases where firewalls must filter co-mingled end-user and app traffic. Bootcamp 7 reviews requirements for controlling VPC egress traffic and shows a software-defined approach to reduce complexity and expense.

Network Troubleshooting in the Cloud: Tools, Techniques and Gotchas

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Tired of opening your VPC Console, launching an SSH session, and typing CLI commands in search of clues? In bootcamp #8, we describe common issues: route table errors, phantom network ACLs, mismatched security policies, and more. And we discuss techniques and demo tools that can help you achieve operational readiness.

Five Azure Connectivity and Security Use Cases You Need to Know About

Azure Bootcamp (40 minutes)

As you move IT infrastructure and app workloads to Azure, it's important to understand what connectivity and security services Microsoft includes — and what’s missing. Bootcamp #9 explores the five most common uses cases for connecting and securing Azure VNets.

Getting Next-Gen Firewalls Right: Understanding Your Options in AWS

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

Join this online workshop for a deep dive on the security and networking requirements for designing next-gen firewalls in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

AWS Transit Networking Unpacked: What does it all mean for you?

AWS Bootcamp (40 minutes)

In this webinar Nick Matthews, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, Sherry Wei, CTO & Founder at Aviatrix, and Stuart Scott, AWS Training Lead at Cloud Academy unpack the latest advancements and updates with the new AWS Transit Gateway service and the Aviatrix Transit Gateway Orchestrator for simplifying hybrid cloud connectivity.

Aviatrix Enterprise Multi-Cloud Backbone Overview
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Deploying Aviatrix using Terraform Provider
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