Cisco CSR Comparison

Aviatrix AVX comparison with Cisco CSR for a Global Transit Network

Beyond the differences between a Software-Defined Cloud Router and a Virtualized Cloud Router, using the CSR for a Global Transit Network has these 3 challenges:


  • Segmentation of VPCs spokes is removed by default; all spoke VPCs can reach each other via the hub VPC. (ex. Prod VPC and Dev VPC are connected)
  • Open connections (any to any) by default; stateful firewall control is not easily implemented
  • Egress control is missing; forcing the need for an additional solution to be able to filter access to good domain names only


  • Difficult to see real-time network latency, bandwidth, or packets
  • Monitoring of tunnel status, performance degradation over time
  • Audit capability is missing


  • Troubleshooting is very difficult with BGP sessions throughout the cloud
  • Network scale is limited by the scalability of the transit hub CSRs which does not auto-scale
  • Manual operations. CSR does not have a REST API to implement Infrastructure as Code

Customers are switching with great success.

Sr. Director of Solution Architecture of Global Marketing Company handling 1 Trillion+ real-time digital media decisions daily

Before Aviatrix
Begin quotationWe tried CSR and it met our needs initially, but as you get to dozens vpcs and many accounts… it’s complicated. We had to have very senior level people on staff to handle it. As we did more implementations some of the problems became evident. You could make changes and it would impact other services so we went back to the drawing board.End quotation
Switching to Aviatrix
Begin quotationOnbaording with Aviatix is simple. We have to be a little cautious but it’s actually fairly simple to migrate. The transition of the remaining existing resources onto AVX can be done in bulk. We can automate that 100% and we come out clean. Our CSR solution couldn’t do that.End quotation
With Aviatrix
Begin quotationNetworking needs to be more dynamic and built on demand. That ability with AVX is significantly EASIER and more scalable that our previous CSR solution. Reducing complexity of the solution means it’s easy to deploy and easy to get other people on our tech teams to assist in managing and monitoring. I can take resources that don’t have a networking background and engage them in helping with the service… it’s amazing!End quotation
Delivering Outcomes
Begin quotationOur team can now spend time on things that can generate revenue rather than doing repeated, manual tasks. That can be handled by automation via AVX.End quotation

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