Site to Cloud VPN
The Problem

High Costs of Traditional Site to Cloud VPNs

Most companies are adopting public cloud strategies and existing on-premises sites need connectivity to the public cloud for migration and to support on-going hybrid environments. While private circuits like Direct Connect and ExpressRoute are options, they are expensive and have long provisioning times. While each cloud provider offers a native VPN solution like the AWS VGW (with Direct Connect) and Azure Virtual Gateway, they have limitations on the number of connections and require manual configuration. The high price of the service combined with the high operational costs associated with manual configuration can become too costly.

If your company has more than a dozen sites or branch offices that need to access applications hosted in AWS or Azure, provisioning and management of site to cloud connectivity becomes very challenging. What’s needed is a cloud-native connectivity solution that can be managed centrally — including monitoring all connections and dealing with problem resolution.

The Aviatrix Solution

Site to Cloud VPN

Aviatrix Site to Cloud VPN

Aviatrix simplifies site to cloud VPN environments by providing a point-and-click solution for connectivity between on-premises devices and major cloud providers. Currently AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are supported. The Site to Cloud VPN solution builds an encrypted connection between sites and public clouds over the Internet, using an easy-to-use template. This workflow is similar to AWS VGW or Azure VPN, without the inherent limitations.

The public cloud side of the encrypted tunnel is an Aviatrix Gateway. On premise, the connection can be terminated with an existing on-prem router, firewall or another public cloud virtual router, firewall or gateway. Additionally, for traditional ISVs who have application services migrating to the public cloud and need to securely move data to and from customer sites, see the Secure Access to Cloud-hosted Applications solution.

How we’re different

Reduce costs by using existing infrastructure. Securely.


Low, per-connection-hour pricing that can be optionally tacked on to your AWS or Azure bill.

Secure Site to Cloud Connectivity

Organizations with a single datacenter location or many branch offices that need to access applications hosted in AWS or Azure can now economically build secure tunnels. Avoid payments to SD-WAN vendors just to go through their “cloud” when you can use your existing Internet connection.

Customer Access to Hosted App Provider (ISVs)

Move data continuously and securely from customer or partner sites to your hosted app in AWS, Azure or Google using an encrypted tunnel.

High Availability

Aviatrix enables high availability configurations to maximize redundancy and fault tolerance.

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