Aviatrix Licensing & Support Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a tunnel? How many tunnel subscriptions do I need to buy for my company?

The definition of a tunnel is a secure point-to-point connection between two environments. It could be between an on-prem device and a cloud instance, between two cloud environments, or between a user and the cloud environment. As a result, you need to purchase as many tunnels as you have physical connections. There are 4 types of tunnels and 1 service: intracloud tunnels, multicloud tunnels, site to cloud tunnels, OpenVPN® user tunnels and egress security service.

Can I have different support levels for each type of tunnel in my environment?

No, the tunnels must be at the same subscription level to receive support. For example, to receive 24×7 support, all tunnels must be licensed at Premium Subscription level.

Do I need to purchase an a subscription for development, QA, and pre-production test?

Yes, for customers who want full technical support during development, QA, and / or pre-production testing, we encourage them to buy our licenses or purchase consulting services.

How can I contact the Aviatrix Technical Support team?

Contact us anytime via email: support@aviatrix.com.

The number of tunnels expands during peak usage and then contracts during periods of lower usage. For how many tunnels do I need to buy subscriptions to support this usage pattern?

We tried to take into account the fact that almost all cloud deployments have seasonality and would expand and contract. As a result, the standard policy is that you need to buy Enterprise subscriptions licenses for all tunnels that are operating during peak usage. If you have a deployment that needs something different, please contact Sales at sales@aviatrix.com to discuss alternative licensing approaches.

What is the duration of a subscription agreement?

One year. For customers that buy many subscriptions and want to synchronize or co-terminate on a single annual renewal date, this can be arranged by contacting Aviatrix Sales at sales@aviatrix.com.

Can I upgrade from one subscription level to another?

Yes, we would be happy to upgrade your subscription on a prorated basis for the remaining duration of your subscription. Please contact Sales at sales@aviatrix.com.

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